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The trend of globalization that has been underway since the end of the Cold War has begun to reverse course in recent years following the rise of protectionism, challenges from authoritarian countries, and the spread of the new coronavirus. We are living in an age of geoeconomics in which the international economy and geopolitical strategies are intertwined as states use economic means to achieve geopolitical objectives. These geoeconomic risks have a direct and significant impact not only on the states, which are the object of traditional security considerations, but also on non-state actors, such as corporations and individuals that operate globally.

Asia Pacific Initiative analyzes and shares its insights on various geoeconomic risks, including those in the areas of innovation and cyberspace, with its sights on the post COVID-19 era. API also facilitates close collaboration among politicians, government officials, private sector actors, and academics from its position as an independent think tank.


Main Activities of the API Institute of Geoeconomic Studies

◆API Symposium on Geoeconomics
A free online symposium held once a year in the spring. Leading figures are invited to provide the latest information and hold essential discussions on geoeconomics.

<Past Events>

On Saturday May 22, 2021, the first API Symposium on Geoeconomics was held: “Geoeconomics and Japan’s Strategy” .


◆API Online Salon on Geoeconomics (only in Japanese)
On the morning of the second Saturday of every month, Dr. Kazuto Suzuki, Acting Dean of the API Institute of Geoeconomic Studies and Senior Research Fellow at API (Professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo), invites leading experts in the field of geoeconomics to discuss the latest geoeconomic topics.

Past online salons can be found here .


◆API Geoeconomic Briefing
API Geoeconomic Briefing provides unique insight from the experts at Asia Pacific Initiative (API), an independent global think tank, in order to identify burgeoning trends in international politics and economics in the post-coronavirus period, think through their geopolitical and geoeconomic significance, and examine their impact on Japan’s national interests and strategy (Editor-in-chief: Dr. HOSOYA Yuichi, Research Director, API & Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University).

Past articles can be found here .


◆API International Politics Review (only in Japanese)
How will the post-COVID-19 world order unfold? What is the United States thinking about? What moves will China make? API’s researchers, who follow the global debate, provide briefings on the ever-changing trends in international affairs, especially involving the evolving balance of power among the major players.
Past articles can be found here .


◆API CEO Seminar on Geoeconomics
Off-the-record membership seminars held four to six times a year. We invite policy experts, Diet members, bureaucrats, U.S. military, Self-Defense Force personnel, and others from Japan and abroad to speak at our small meetings.


We are always looking for people who can support the activities of the API and the API Institute of Geoeconomic Studies. Please contact us here.