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API Geoeconomic Briefing

The trade war between China and the United States ushered in an era of “geoeconomics” in which states have used economic tools to achieve their geopolitical agendas. Amid the fog of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, how will the four forms of “mega geoeconomics,” which include climate change, technology and innovation, global supply chains, and the rules, norms and standards that shape the international order, impact the future?

API Geoeconomic Briefing will provide unique insight from the experts at Asia Pacific Initiative (API), an independent global think tank, in order to identify burgeoning trends in international politics and economics that foreshadow the post-coronavirus period, think through their geopolitical and geoeconomic significance, and examine their impact on Japan’s national interests and strategy (Editor-in-chief: Dr. HOSOYA Yuichi, Research Director, API & Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University).

Pandemic shows Japan needs to figure out how to learn and prepare by SUZUKI Kazuto

Failure to learn from terrorism and disease hampered Japan’s virus response by URASHIMA Mitsuyoshi

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Why the world depends on Taiwan and TSMC’s high-performance chips by KAWAKAMI Momoko

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COVID-19 shows that Japan needs to rebuild its infectious diseases strategy by SUZUKI Kazuto

Robust vaccine supply chain is key to ending the pandemic by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

How Japan can avoid losing out on the world stage by FUNABASHI Yoichi, HOSOYA Yuichi and JIMBO Ken

Managing the U.S. and China: Japan’s best way forward by FUNABASHI Yoichi, HOSOYA Yuichi and JIMBO Ken

What the evolving international order means for Japan by FUNABASHI Yoichi, HOSOYA Yuichi and JIMBO Ken

China’s maritime policies need a considered response from Japan by MASUO T. Chisako

Countering China’s threat to the Senkakus requires a full rethink of operations by OYA Shin

How Japan should deal with China’s new coast guard law by TAKEI Tomohisa

China’s ambiguous coast guard law a challenge for Japan by TSURUTA Jun

National consensus needed on the role of Self-Defense Forces in emergencies by OUE Sadamasa

Japan needs a stronger crisis review system by SAGARA Yoshiyuki, MUKOYAMA Jun and SHIBATA Narumi

Japan’s lack of preparedness: Lessons from Fukushima and COVID-19 by SUZUKI Kazuto

The need to deepen fusion with Australia, Japan’s second ally by FUNABASHI Yoichi

Protecting democracy in a free and open Indo-Pacific by HOSOYA Yuichi

How to deal with China’s economic statecraft by OYA Shin

Australia and Japan’s alliance can beat China’s interdependence trap by TERADA Takashi

Digital network building in the Pacific by MURAI Jun

What is needed to bring back freedom of movement by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Public investment in vaccine development is crucial for Japan’s future by SUZUKI Yasuhiro

It’s time to reduce the world’s trade dependence on China by OYA Shin

Why a new Asia policy is needed under Biden by FUNABASHI Yoichi

How Japan can lead a free and open Indo-Pacific by HOSOYA Yuichi

The lessons from East Asia’s coronavirus successes by ABE Keishi

How to adapt to Biden’s trade and climate policies by OYA Shin

The need to digitalize Japanese society as a whole by MUKOYAMA Jun

How Japan can become a data powerhouse by MUKOYAMA Jun

Can Japan keep up in the 21st-century space race? by OUE Sadamasa

The danger lurking behind the U.S.’s reciprocity policy by OYA Shin

Why China is eager to promote atomic energy by SHIBATA Narumi

Why the West continues to get China’s future wrong by TOKUCHI Tatsuhito

What China’s ‘dual circulation’ strategy means for the world by OYA Shin

Undersea internet cables offer more resilient connection by MURAI Jun

How Tokyo can navigate the Japan-U.S.-China trap by FUNABASHI Yoichi

Ensuring Japan’s future as a strategic partner of the U.S. by HOSOYA Yuichi

Establishing resistance to overseas influence by OYA Shin

When international students pose a very real risk by TERAOKA Ayumi

Designing a vision for Japan’s green recovery by SHIBATA Narumi

Harnessing technology key to winning race against COVID-19 by MUKOYAMA Jun

How Japan can help the U.K. meet its China challenge by KOSHINO Yuka

How to reopen national borders by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Coping with China’s economic threat by OYA Shin

Reconsidering post-coronavirus China investment strategies by TOKUCHI Tatsuhito

Japan in a post-coronavirus world by ISOBE Koichi

It’s time to rethink the Japan-U.S. alliance by OUE Sadamasa

Internet holds the key to the post-coronavirus era by MURAI Jun

All-out effort needed to learn successful virus response by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

A supersurveillance society and its impact on democracy by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

Neither U.S. nor China will lead post-coronavirus order by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

The search for a leader in the post-coronavirus new order by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi