Geoeconomic Briefing

Geoeconomic Briefing

Geoeconomic Briefing is a series featuring researchers at the IOG focused on Japan’s challenges in that field. It will also provide analyses of the state of the world and trade risks as well as technological and industrial structures. (Editor-in-chief: Dr. SUZUKI Kazuto, Director, Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG); Professor, The University of Tokyo)

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Geoeconomic Briefing
Geoeconomic Briefing is a series featuring researchers at the IOG focused on Japan’s challenges in that field. It will also provide analyses of the state of the world and trade risks as well as technological and industrial structures. (Editor-in-chief: Dr. SUZUKI Kazuto, Director, Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG); Professor, The University of Tokyo)


Europe’s vulnerability in the EU-China-U.S. geoeconomic triangle by Andrew Capistrano

How will Japan respond to new U.S. investment rules? by Satoshi Yamada

Grasping industrial policy in the age of economic security by Yoshiyuki Sagara

The shift from economic security to geoeconomics by Kazuto Suzuki

Starlink highlights economic security challenges facing democracies by Kota Umeda

How to deal with influence operations in the era of generative AI by Makoto Shiono

Can we trust the polls? How emerging technologies affect democracy by Kousuke Saito

How to stop the dominoes of war from falling in East Asia by Sadamasa Oue

Ukraine war has brought new challenges for international security by Goro Matsumura

How the Israel-Hamas war is changing the international security order by Masaki Mizobuchi

How should Japan deal with Ukraine, Gaza and the Indo-Pacific region? by Ken Jimbo

The U.S.-Japan gap: a challenge in economicsecurity cooperation by Mariko Togashi

Why Japanese companies need to prepare for Trump 2.0 by YAMADA Satoshi

How East Asia should prepare for a possible Trump comeback by Hirohito Ogi

The battle to tackle U.S. election propaganda heats up by Yoshiyuki Sagara

Why the eyes of the world will be on the U.S. presidential election by Yuichi Hosoya

Japanese firms seek political stability and stronger alliance: survey – IOG Survey Results of 100 Japanese Companies on Economic Security – by Hitoshi Suzuki

Will drones replace helicopter pilots in the Self-Defense Forces? by Kisho Yoshida

What the Hamas-Israel ‘humanitarian pause’ really meant by Yoshiyuki Sagara

What the Israel-Hamas war means for U.S. grand strategy by Takuya Matsuda

Europe rattled by Israel-Hamas war by Yuichi Hosoya

Acquiring counterstrike capabilities is no simple matter for Japan by Kisho Yoshida

How AI fits into China’s raft of global initiatives by Naoko Eto

‘Offensive’ and ‘defensive’ diplomacy: Managing ties with China by Hotaka Machida

Germany’s China strategy is epoch-making but ambiguous by Takumi Itabashi

How electric vehicles became subject to EU economic security by Hitoshi Suzuki

European Union being shaken by geoeconomic changes by Kazuto Suzuki

China looks to science and technology in its push for more power by TSUCHIYA Takahiro

How emerging technologies can bring power to states by SAITOU Kousuke

Satellite constellations taking on greater role in Japan’s security by UMEDA Kota

Will generative AI hold power in international relations? by SHIONO Makoto

Japan has plenty to offer in the field of detecting threats by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Why building an effective Japan-U.S. kill chain will enhance defense by INOUE Rintaro

What the trilateral fighter jet program means for Japan by OUE Sadamasa

How Japan can make the most of its latest diplomatic tool by OGI Hirohito

A new tide of weapons imports, production and development by JIMBO Ken

Is China going unchecked while the West supports Ukraine? by TSURUOKA Michito

Mission impossible: How to get Kyiv and Moscow to talk by HIGASHINO Atsuko

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: From a weak anti-war leader to a symbol of the fight for liberation by HOSAKA Sanshiro

Why Zelenskyy’s diplomacy is a key factor in Ukraine’s efforts to win war by HOSOYA Yuichi

What lies behind China’s unconventional approach to diplomacy? by ETO Naoko

Democracy-minded Yoon faces challenges in dealing with China By NISHINO Junya

Why ASEAN is key to building order in the Indo-Pacific region by KOGA Kei

The future lies in helping to make China a responsible superpower by MACHIDA Hotaka

China’s vision of an international order firmly in the shadows of the G7 by ETO Naoko

Taking inspiration from Hiroshima to reconstruct the global nuclear order by OUE Sadamasa

What Japan can learn from a leader’s diplomacy four decades ago by HOSOYA Yuichi

Why the G7 has significance as a collective economic defense mechanism by SUZUKI Kazuto

Russia’s nuclear blackmail must be met with denial by OGI Hirohito

Reconstructing the shaken international security order by OUE Sadamasa

War in Ukraine will set a course for international order — whatever the outcome by JIMBO Ken

It’s time for the U.S. to rediscover its role in the G7 by Marina Fujita Dickson

Challenges await EU over continued assistance to Ukraine by ISHIKAWA Yusuke

Ahead of G7 Hiroshima summit, Japan should examine past contributions by SUZUKI Hitoshi

Why Japan and the G7 must take notice of the Global South by HOSOYA Yuichi

New risks emerge as Xi administration moves ahead toward a dead end by KE Long

China determined not to be slowed by U.S. chip controls by TOKUCHI Tatsuhito

Finding a way to manage China’s protectionism in procurement by MACHIDA Hotaka

How Xi Jinping is fortifying China’s economic security by ETO Naoko

How Japan and its businesses should respond to U.S. economic security policies by YAMADA Satoshi

New challenges have forced Japanese companies to address economic security by SUZUKI Hitoshi

Why pharmaceuticals are a key issue in the ongoing U.S.-China conflict by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Looking back 20 years to learn lessons from the U.S.-Japan chip war by Paul Nadeau

Why the semiconductor competition between the U.S. and China is significant by SUZUKI Kazuto

Japan’s future security lies in a ‘denial and competition’ strategy by JIMBO Ken

Japan needs a full overhaul of its approach to security by TAKAMIZAWA Nobushige

War in Ukraine highlights importance of cutting-edge technology in conflict by KURUMADA Shuichi

In dealing with Beijing, Tokyo must adopt a strong security front by OGI Hirohito

New national security strategy needs to respond to realities on three fronts by OUE Sadamasa

As war in Ukraine continues, Poland and Hungary threaten EU stability by ISHIKAWA Yusuke

The populism trap that is throwing U.K. politics into chaos by HOSOYA Yuichi

Impact of the war in Ukraine sees Japan at the mercy of bigger players by OGI Hirohito

Japanese carmakers face continuing risks in the Russian market by SUZUKI Hitoshi

How can Japan engage with Pacific nations amid U.S.-China competition? by KURUMADA Shuichi

How the Taiwan issue represents the U.S. and China’s battle for legitimacy by ETO Naoko

China faces challenges in wake of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit by YAMAGUCHI Shinji

What did Nancy Pelosi’s visit do for Taiwan? by OGASAWARA Yoshiyuki

Japan has much to learn from Taiwan’s countering of China’s sharp power by HUANG Wei-Hsin

How effective are the West’s sanctions on Russia? by SUZUKI Kazuto

Does the conflict in Ukraine represent a ‘new war’? by KOIZUMI Yu

The war in Ukraine offers valuable lessons on changing global relations by SATO Heigo

Ukraine war highlights private sector’s role in conflict by SAITOU Kousuke

Japan needs to take measures against China’s geoeconomic strategy by ETO Naoko

Japan’s policy on China is critically lacking a military perspective by OUE Sadamasa


Japan needs to come up with a new geoeconomic strategy by HOSOYA Yuichi

How Japan is building on U.S. policy for economic security by JIMBO Ken

How Shinzo Abe left a legacy for Japan in geoeconomics by SUZUKI Kazuto

What role should Japan play as the Russia-Ukraine war shakes the international order? by JIMBO Ken, SUZUKI Kazuto, HOSOYA Yuichi

Why sanctions are failing to stop Russia’s attack on Ukraine by JIMBO Ken, SUZUKI Kazuto, HOSOYA Yuichi

Will the war in Ukraine change the international order? by JIMBO Ken, SUZUKI Kazuto, HOSOYA Yuichi

The never-ending process of normalizing China-Japan ties by FUNABASHI Yoichi

Why Japan doesn’t have a concrete China strategy by HOSOYA Yuichi

After 50 years of China-Japan economic ties, what comes next? by SUZUKI Kazuto

As China’s nuclear weapons multiply, U.S and Japan work on deterrence by JIMBO Ken

How China’s history of influence operations has affected Japan by INOUE Masaya

What does ‘normalization’ really mean for Japan-China ties? by OKAMOTO Takashi

Can China overcome its barriers to gaining more financial power? by OKAZAKI Kumiko

How China’s plan to return the factor market will work to develop its economy by KAJITANI Kai

To navigate the Senkaku Islands dispute, look to history by MASUO Chisako

Russian invasion may sway China against a forceful approach to Taiwan by MATSUDA Yasuhiro

China’s ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy at a crossroads amid Ukraine crisis by SHIROYAMA Hidemi

China’s bid to wage cognitive warfare over democracy and human rights by ETO Naoko

The real reason behind China’s repression of ethnic minorities by HIRANO Satoshi

How China aims to treat Hong Kong’s explosive COVID-19 outbreak by KURATA Toru

Initiating dialogue on universal values is essential for Japan and China by OIKAWA Junko

Why China has failed to build ‘great power relations’ with the U.S. by KAWASHIMA Shin

China faces mounting challenges amid wealth gap and other social issues by AKO Tomoko

Untangling the roots of the instability in Japan and China’s relationship by ANAMI Yusuke

The Beijing Games — the start of the end of China’s ‘COVID zero’ policy? by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

What Kishida’s ‘realism diplomacy for a new era’ actually means for Japan by HOSOYA Yuichi

Who’s really calling the shots in Japan’s Prime Minister’s Office? By NAKAKITA KOji

Why economic security in Japan needs to include the defense industry by OUE Sadamasa

Monetary security is a fight over infrastructure financing, currency and sanctions by OYA Shin

Japan needs radical change to achieve health security by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Why cyber defense in Japan is so unreliable by MURAI Jun

Firms see U.S.-China tensions as economic security threat, survey shows by TOGASHI Mariko

Japan’s energy dilemma: How to achieve security alongside decarbonization by SHIBATA Narumi

How Japan should approach military tech competition by JIMBO Ken

Japan must take a multifaceted approach to its economic security by HOSOYA Yuichi

What Japan needs to do to boost its economic security by SUZUKI Kazuto

How China became a key player in global decarbonization by SHIBATA Narumi

Fundamental shift in business activities vital to Japan’s decarbonization by MIYAKE Takayuki

Why the U.S. is struggling to formulate a trade policy on China by OYA Shin

AUKUS has outlined its potential, but has also left a sour taste by TSURUOKA Michito

AUKUS has a significant part to play in the ‘new Cold War’ against China by OUE Sadamasa

What needs to change in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan by JIMBO Ken

Japan and U.K. have a major role to play in Afghanistan’s future by HOSOYA Yuichi

How Japan and the U.S. should approach Taliban-ruled Afghanistan by SUZUKI Kazuto

The intentions behind China’s ‘friendly’ policy toward the Taliban by YAMAGUCHI Shinji

After U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Japan has a role to play by OUE Sadamasa

How Japan should make use of its ¥1 quadrillion in household savings by MUKOYAMA Jun

Japan needs a strategy for economic growth in the post-virus era by SAKURAI Makoto

Does Didi’s crash point to the future of U.S.-China financial frictions? by TOKUCHI Tatsuhito

Why the U.S.-China conflict is threatening the future of Wall Street by OYA Shin

Japan has no time to waste in boosting its cyberdefenses by JIMBO Ken

Private sector key to the success of Japan’s digital agency by MUKOYAMA Jun

Making the most of Japan’s new weapon in the digital war by UMADA Takaaki

Can Japan break away from its ‘digital defeat’? by MURAI Jun

Pandemic shows Japan needs to figure out how to learn and prepare by SUZUKI Kazuto

Failure to learn from terrorism and disease hampered Japan’s virus response by URASHIMA Mitsuyoshi

How Japan can help tackle East Asia’s coronavirus surge by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Why a carbon tax would help Japan achieve its green ambitions by OYA Shin

Why Taiwan is more important than ever to the Japan-U.S. relationship by INOUE Masaya

Time to re-examine Japan’s longstanding ambiguity over Taiwan by TERAOKA Ayumi

Why the world depends on Taiwan and TSMC’s high-performance chips by KAWAKAMI Momoko

Robust vaccine supply chain is key to ending the pandemic by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

A Chinese invasion of Taiwan: Why Japan should prepare for the worst by OUE Sadamasa

COVID-19 shows that Japan needs to rebuild its infectious diseases strategy by SUZUKI Kazuto

How Japan can avoid losing out on the world stage by FUNABASHI Yoichi, HOSOYA Yuichi and JIMBO Ken

Managing the U.S. and China: Japan’s best way forward by FUNABASHI Yoichi, HOSOYA Yuichi and JIMBO Ken

What the evolving international order means for Japan by FUNABASHI Yoichi, HOSOYA Yuichi and JIMBO Ken

China’s maritime policies need a considered response from Japan by MASUO T. Chisako

Countering China’s threat to the Senkakus requires a full rethink of operations by OYA Shin

How Japan should deal with China’s new coast guard law by TAKEI Tomohisa

China’s ambiguous coast guard law a challenge for Japan by TSURUTA Jun

National consensus needed on the role of Self-Defense Forces in emergencies by OUE Sadamasa

Japan needs a stronger crisis review system by SAGARA Yoshiyuki, MUKOYAMA Jun and SHIBATA Narumi

The need to deepen fusion with Australia, Japan’s second ally by FUNABASHI Yoichi

Japan’s lack of preparedness: Lessons from Fukushima and COVID-19 by SUZUKI Kazuto

Protecting democracy in a free and open Indo-Pacific by HOSOYA Yuichi

How to deal with China’s economic statecraft by OYA Shin

Digital network building in the Pacific by MURAI Jun

Australia and Japan’s alliance can beat China’s interdependence trap by TERADA Takashi

What is needed to bring back freedom of movement by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Public investment in vaccine development is crucial for Japan’s future by SUZUKI Yasuhiro

It’s time to reduce the world’s trade dependence on China by OYA Shin

How Japan can help the U.K. meet its China challenge by KOSHINO Yuka

Why a new Asia policy is needed under Biden by FUNABASHI Yoichi

How Japan can lead a free and open Indo-Pacific by HOSOYA Yuichi

The need to digitalize Japanese society as a whole by MUKOYAMA Jun

How Japan can become a data powerhouse by MUKOYAMA Jun

The lessons from East Asia’s coronavirus successes by ABE Keishi

How to adapt to Biden’s trade and climate policies by OYA Shin

Can Japan keep up in the 21st-century space race? by OUE Sadamasa

Why China is eager to promote atomic energy by SHIBATA Narumi

Why the West continues to get China’s future wrong by TOKUCHI Tatsuhito

Undersea internet cables offer more resilient connection by MURAI Jun

How Tokyo can navigate the Japan-U.S.-China trap by FUNABASHI Yoichi

The danger lurking behind the U.S.’s reciprocity policy by OYA Shin

What China’s ‘dual circulation’ strategy means for the world by OYA Shin

Designing a vision for Japan’s green recovery by SHIBATA Narumi

Harnessing technology key to winning race against COVID-19 by MUKOYAMA Jun

Ensuring Japan’s future as a strategic partner of the U.S. by HOSOYA Yuichi

Establishing resistance to overseas influence by OYA Shin

When international students pose a very real risk by TERAOKA Ayumi

All-out effort needed to learn successful virus response by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

A supersurveillance society and its impact on democracy by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

Neither U.S. nor China will lead post-coronavirus order by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

The search for a leader in the post-coronavirus new order by FUNABASHI Yoichi and HOSOYA Yuichi

How to reopen national borders by SAGARA Yoshiyuki

Reconsidering post-coronavirus China investment strategies by TOKUCHI Tatsuhito

It’s time to rethink the Japan-U.S. alliance by OUE Sadamasa

Coping with China’s economic threat by OYA Shin

Japan in a post-coronavirus world by ISOBE Koichi

Internet holds the key to the post-coronavirus era by MURAI Jun