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<API Geoeconomic Briefing> Posted on April 8, 2021
How Japan should deal with China’s new coast guard law (TAKEI Tomohisa)
The China coast guard law, which makes clear the missions and authority of the China Coast Guard, has been criticized as being in violation of international law, with parts that are deliberately left ambiguous, leading many to have doubts over…

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<API Geoeconomic Briefing> Posted on April 6, 2021
China’s ambiguous coast guard law a challenge for Japan (TSURUTA Jun)
When a new Chinese coast guard law came into effect on Feb. 1, it became clear exactly what the China Coast Guard is, what it is allowed to do and what kind of activities it will conduct in the future.…

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<API Geoeconomic Briefing> Posted on March 30, 2021
National consensus needed on the role of Self-Defense Forces in emergencies (OUE Sadamasa)
Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, and now Japan is in the midst of a struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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UMADA Takaaki published Implementing the Future

『未来を実装する――テクノロジーで社会を変革する4つの原則』(英治出版)を刊行 width=

On January 24th, 2021, UMADA Takaaki, Chair of API’s Social Implementation of Technology project, published Mirai wo Jisso Suru [Implementing the Future] with Eiji Press in Japanese. This book provides the result of studies and interviews collected by API’s working group on Japan’s “social implementation” – or the diffusion of technology – conducted from April 2019 to August 2020. It also includes proposals and a framework for better social implementation in Japan based on this research.


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Asia Pacific Initiative Forum 2020 Virtual Event

Asia Pacific Initiative Forum 2020 Virtual Event

Asia Pacific Initiative (API) held the Asia Pacific Initiative Forum (APIF) 2020 as a virtual event broadcasting from Yokohama on December 4-5th, 2020.

APIF is an invite-only forum which aims to look forward 30 years into the future of Asia and create a new innovative ecosystem together with business leaders mainly from Japan, India, and the ASEAN countries. We seek to become an exchange platform, developing synergies through innovative ideas and the endeavors of our participant companies.
With the vision of “Articulating Asian Ideas”, discussions were held regarding Asia’s multi-dimensional prosperity, as the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the need for a fundamental rethink of existing economic and social frameworks.

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Report on Japan’s response to COVID-19

Report on Japan’s response to COVID-19

“The Independent Investigation Commission on the Japanese Government’s Response to COVID-19”, established by Tokyo-based think tank “Asia Pacific Initiative (API)”, has led an investigation into the Japanese government’s response to COVID-19. A book containing the investigation’s results, “The Independent Investigation Commission on the Japanese Government’s Response to COVID-19: Report on Best Practices and Lessons Learned”, was published in Japanese by Discover 21 on October 18, 2020 (Electronic Book) and October 23, 2020 (Paper Book). The English version of the report was published on January 8, 2021 and made available online.

More information on the project and the publication

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Inaugural Symposium of Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform (PEP)

Inaugural Symposium of Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform(PEP)

Asia Pacific Initiative (API) organized a symposium called “Zooming PEP 2020 – Policy Entrepreneurs’ Platform: opening the door” in Tokyo on 15th July 2020. It was held to commemorate the launch of API’s new initiative: The Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform (PEP).

The day began by a core panel discussing the concept of policy entrepreneurship and then sessions considering issues arising from the emergence of the pandemic and the impact and possible changes to Japanese society post-pandemic. Politicians, bureaucrats and representatives from the private sector, academia and NPOs/NGOs participated in the discussions which were summarized by API Chairman Funabashi in closing the proceedings. The symposium was broadcast on YouTube and was watched by about 800 viewers.

Information about the sessions are available via this link and the YouTube video of the whole symposium is available via this link.

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◾️Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform Website

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