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About us

Mission Statement

We will create an independent intellectual community rooted in the Asia Pacific to revive liberalism and promote the liberal international order.

Liberal International Order

  • The world has reached a point at which liberalism is being challenged at its roots. Asia Pacific Initiative will conceive of and advocate a new role for Japan to revive liberalism in collaboration with the rest of the world. We will open new frontiers of rebuilding and take the initiative towards its realization.
  • To investigate Japan’s potential role to build and maintain the liberal international order in Asia Pacific for the achievement of regional and international peace and prosperity.
  • To create an intellectual community in which new ideas can be stimulated, discussed and proposed that have an impact upon society.

Truth, Independence, Humanity

  • To critically review and analyze based upon the facts about the opportunities and challenges facing the Asia Pacific region from the viewpoint of Japan.
  • To take pride in the fact that our activities, such as advocacy, research and publications, are not influenced by political organizations and specific ideologies by preserving independence in funding and operations.
  • To adopt a global outlook by interacting and sharing findings implicating the Asia Pacific region with strategic thinkers, policy makers, business leaders and the general public around the world.