Privacy Policy

For proper administration, usage and protection of personal information, International House of Japan (IHJ) sets out the policy on the treatment of personal information (“Privacy Policy”) as follows. Please refer here for the IHJ’s policy to protect the personal data of its members, guests, visitors and subscribers to its services.

Collection of Personal Information

IHJ collects personal information through proper and fair means and to the extent necessary to smoothly conduct its operations.

IHJ will observe the relevant laws and regulations and continuously maintain and improve the treatment of information.

In sending and receiving personal information on the website, IHJ uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communication so as to handle the information safely and properly.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

IHJ uses personal information only for the purposes as stated below (except for cases when otherwise consented to by the owner or required by laws and regulations). Should IHJ change these purposes, IHJ would do so to the extent reasonably permissible in relation to the original purposes, and publish such amendment without delay.

1. To send and distribute communications and invitations from IHJ
2. To send books and reports published by IHJ
3. To administer and manage events and meetings that IHJ organizes, co-organizes or supports
4. To create and improve IHJ’s website (including the use of Google Analytics)
5. To analyze and track users’ use of IHJ’s website through Google Analytics1/
6. To recruit short-term and long-term personnel and select person/entity to assign tasks related to IHJ’s work

1/ Google Analytics may collect information about users’ activities through cookies. However, it does not obtain personally identifiable information.
To learn more about how Google Analytics collects, processes and protects data, please refer to the link below:

Disclosure of Personal Information

IHJ will not disclose nor provide personal information to third parties unless required by laws and regulations or consented to by the owner in advance.

IHJ may, in sending books and invitations, contract out the work of handling personal information to third parties, in which case IHJ may provide personal information to such third parties. In those cases, IHJ will undertake necessary and proper supervision of those third parties to ensure the safety of personal information.

Should we receive a request to inquire about, amend or delete personal information from the owner, we will handle such request accordingly.

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