IOG Holds “Japanese Companies in the Age of Geoeconomics Based on Analysis of Two Surveys ” Symposium Jointly with Japan Bank for International Cooperation

On February 29, 2024, the Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG) held a symposium titled “Japanese Companies in the Age of Geoeconomics Based on Analysis of Two Surveys ,” jointly with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) at the International House of Japan.

At the symposium, Mr. ITAGAKI Shinichi, Director of Division 1, Strategic Research Department of JBIC reported the results of its Survey on Overseas Business Operations by Japanese Manufacturing Companies. It was followed by a presentation by Dr. SUZUKI Hitoshi, Visiting Senior Research Fellow of IOG on the Survey Results of 100 Japanese Companies on Economic Security.

Then, a panel discussion was held with the joining of Dr. SUZUKI Kazuto, Director of IOG, and Mr. KAWAKAMI Nao, Director General of Strategic Research Department of JBIC, under the moderation of Ms. YAMAZAKI Kasumi, Secretary General of IOG . The both parties exchanged opinions based on their survey results, while mentioning the latest hot topics, such as the change of China’s position and the evaluation of India in overseas business operations by Japanese companies, costs for supply chain management, efforts for Global South countries, and the prospect of the U.S.-China confrontation depending on the results of U.S. presidential election as well as Japanese companies’ preparation for the outcome.

IOG will continue to strengthen its network of domestic and international experts, build a community of government, business, and academia, and disseminate information that contributes to corporate management decisions.