“The Transformation of the Liberal International Order” was published by Springer

“The Transformation of the Liberal International Order: Evolutions and Limitations,” edited by Yuichi Hosoya and Hans Kundnani, was published by Springer on October 25, 2023. This open access book has been released as part of Asia Pacific Initiative’s Liberal International Order project.

This book aims to emphasize the potential for Japan, Europe and Indo-Pacific countries including the US to respond to shared domestic and international challenges on finding joint ways to uphold and develop the liberal international order (LIO) in the Asian Pacific region and the world. It explores how these countries and the region (the EU) can work together to promote solidarity and cooperation to advance democratic standards and rules-based norms globally.



Editors: Yuichi Hosoya, Hans Kundnani

Introduction: Japan and the Reform of the Liberal International Order
Yuichi Hosoya

American Strategy and the Liberal International Order
Zack Cooper

East Asia, Europe and the High Sea: The Geostrategic Trinity of the U.S.-Led Order
Luis Simón

The EU’s Connectivity Strategy 2.0: Global Gateway in the Indo-Pacific
Maaike Okano-Heijmans

Germany’s Indo-Pacific Turn: Towards a Contribution to the Rules-Based Order?
Alexandra Sakaki

France’s Indo-Pacific Approach: Salvaging the Rules-Based Order and Staying Relevant
Céline Pajon

India, the Quad, and the Liberal International Order
Dhruva Jaishankar

Countering Chinese Economic Coercion and Corrosive Capital in Southeast Asia
Nithin Coca

The Challenge of China for the Liberal International Order
Richard McGregor

Northeast Asia’s Energy Transition–Challenges for a Rules-Based Security and Economic Order
Kun-Chin Lin, Tim Reilly

The Liberal International Order and Economic Security
Kazuto Suzuki

The Future of the Liberal International Order
Hans Kundnani