“The Transformation of the Liberal International Order” Book Launch Event

The Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG) – International House of Japan (IHJ), has published “The Transformation of the Liberal International Order” by Springer on October 25, 2023, as part of the Liberal International Order(LIO) project. In conjunction with this, we are pleased to invite the editor, Hans Kundnani, to a book launch event as follows.

The international community is now facing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine, which have pushed the rules-based international order to the brink of an unprecedented crisis. In the book, leading experts in their respective fields analyze China’s geo-economic risks to the Asia-Pacific region, the shared values among the three poles of Japan, the U.S., and Europe, and the subtle differences over regional strategies and LIOs. As opposition to the U.S.-European-led LIO gains strength and starts to reveal its limitations, we are pleased to invite the authors of each chapter to participate in this event and engage in an in-depth discussion in an online format.

1. Date/Time
December 4th, 2023 / 4 pm to 5:30 pm (JST)

Round Table Discussion – Key Findings of “The Transformation of the Liberal International Order: Evolutions and Limitations”

– Mr. Hans Kundnani (Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs)
– Dr. Yuichi Hosoya (Director of Research, Asia Pacific Initiative / Group Head, Europe & Americas, Institute of Geoeconomics)
– Dr. Kazuto Suzuki (Director & Group Head, Economic Security, Institute of Geoeconomics)
– Mr. Nithin Coca (Freelance Journalist and Curator of Asia Undercovered, New York, NY, United States)
– Dr. Maaike Okano-Heijmans (Clingendael Institute, The Hague, Netherlands)
– Dr. Kun-Chi Lin (Department of Spacepower, Air University, Maxwell Airforce Base, Montgomery, AL, US / Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., US)
– Luis Simon (Center for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS), VUB’s School of Governance, Brussels, Belgium / Brussels office of the Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid, Spain)

4. Notification
The Webinar will only be provided in English. There will be no simultaneous translation provided.

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About the project

Launched under the Asia Pacific Initiative (API), the predecessor of the Institute of Geo-Economics (IOG), this project recognizes that the ‘free and open international order (LIO)’ was the essential environment enabling Japan’s stability and prosperity for 70 years after World War II. We have discussed with Japan, the U.S., Japan, the U.S., Europe, and Asian countries how to maintain and strengthen the LIO together, while analyzing international relations and the domestic situation of each country. The need for LIOs, including rule-based enforcement to strengthen domestic and international business activities, movement of people, regional security, and global supply chains, is growing and has become an important theme for the backbone of Japan’s diplomacy and the coherence of its principles. We will continue our discussions among regions, nations, and generations on the challenges, limitations, and future of LIOs to ensure that they are shared in the Asia-Pacific region and bring stability and prosperity to Japan and other countries in the region.

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The Transformation of the Liberal International Order (SpringerBriefs)

This book was published in November 2023 as the second stage of the Liberal International Order (LIO) project, following the first stage in June 2020. It was edited by Hans Kundnani, a Senior Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), and Yuichi Hosoya, a Professor at Keio University. This open-access book incorporates European and Asian perspectives, providing a more multifaceted analysis of the LIO, its congruences and differences, and the challenges it faces. Experts from Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia analyze the achievements, challenges and limitations of the LIO led by the U.S. and Europe, including regional strategies and policies related to the economy, national security and economic security in each country.



Editors:Yuichi Hosoya, Hans Kundnani
Authors: Yuichi Hosoya / Zack Cooper / Luis Simón / Maaike Okano-Heijmans / Alexandra Sakaki / Céline Pajon / Dhruva Jaishankar / Nithin Coca / Richard McGregor / Kun-Chin Lin / Tim Reilly / Kazuto Suzuki / Hans Kundnani

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