API-University of Tokyo joint Symposium on Policy –Entrepreneurship in Japan

On September 9 2019, Asia Pacific Initiative held a symposium co-hosted with the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Public Policy (GrasPP). The symposium titled “Society Driven Public Policy : The Policy Community and Public Careers in search of Japan’s Alternative Solutions” featured discussions surrounding “policy-entrepreneurship in Japan.”

The symposium welcomed leading politician Shinjiro KOIZUMI (Minister of the Environment as of 11/05) among multiple-stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, public officers, and world-class academics. We discussed the challenges and prospects of Japan’s policy-making ecosystem and career-paths for policy-professionals in various fields from technological-innovation to national security.

The symposium was one of our outreach events celebrating the publication of What is a Think Tank?: An Era of Policy Entrepreneurship in March 2019. Conference agendas and reports can also be accessed from our website [in Japanese] dedicated to this project, alongside movies of the sessions on our Youtube channel [in Japanese].

Opening Remarks and Keynote Speech
(Shinjiro KOIZUMI, Member of the House of Representatives)

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Session 1
Policy-Entrepreneurship in Japan and its Ecosystem: Views from Multiple-Stakeholders

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Session 2-A
Evolving Public-career Paths Beyond Kasumigaseki and the Future of Japan’s Policy-making Ecosystem

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Session 2-B
Emerging Fields in National Security and the Role of Policy-oriented Scholars.

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