The front-line of Operation Tomodachi will be published soon

AP Initiative will publish The front-line of Operation Tomodachi ── Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Japan-U.S. Cooperation in August, 2019.

The book, written by AP Initiative Senior Fellow Koichi Isobe, will be published from Sairyu-sya in Japanese. The author, describes how Japan and U.S. worked hands in hands to deals with the crises of Great Eastern Earthquake/Fukushima Nuclear Accident, based on the interviews to those at the forefront of the crises management on both Japan and U.S. side back then and on his own experience as Director General, Defense Plans and Policy Department (J5), the Joint Staff, Japan Self Defense Forces.

The author has drawn a series of lessons from the process of planning and implementation of the Operation Tomodachi, and then analyzes how to improve Japanese national security policies, crisis management framework as well as the Japan-U.S. Cooperation mechanism.

*Updates: The book received the Japan Society of Defense Studies Inoki Masamichi Special Award in November 2019.

The details of the publication (in Japanese)
『トモダチ作戦の最前線 ──── 福島原発事故に見る日米同盟連携の教訓』
A5判 / 300ページ
ISBN:978-4-7791-2603-1 C0031