API hosts a roundtable with Giorgio Cuscito

On April 26, 2023, the Asia Pacific Initiative (API) hosted a roundtable with Mr. Giorgio Cuscito, a Geopolitical analyst at Limes, Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica, a renowned Italian geopolitical journal, at the International House of Japan.

Mr. Cuscito delivered a keynote speech titled, “Italy and Japan: strategic interests and challenges in the US-China-Russia triangle, with focus on the connection between Ukraine war and Indo-Pacific competition and also consequences for Japanese domestic geopolitics.” The speech sparked a lively and free-flowing discussion, with Ken Jimbo, API President, Kazuto Suzuki, Director of the Institute of Geoeconomics, and other API experts actively participating.

API regularly organizes roundtables with guests from around the world who are active in various fields. Through free and vigorous discussions and the sharing of knowledge, we aim to further enhance our research activities, disseminate information to everyone, and contribute to society.