Statement of MSF Co-Chairs General IWASAKI Shigeru and General Joseph Dunford on the passing of General Colin L. Powell

Japan-U.S. Military Statesmen Forum (MSF) Co-Chairs, General IWASAKI Shigeru and General Joseph Dunford, issued this statement on the loss of General and former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.

October 20, 2021

On behalf of Japan-U.S. Military Statesmen Forum, we express our heartfelt condolences on the loss of General Colin L. Powell.

General Powell, 12th Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff and former Secretary of State, dedicated his outstanding professional career to advance the U.S. national security and democratic values. His example resonated around the world.

General Powell was an ardent supporter of the U.S.-Japan alliance. His firm belief in the value of alliance inspired strength, purpose, and confidence. During the uncertain period after September 11, 2001, General Powell offered full support for Japan to join the global counter-terrorism coalition. He also had a deep appreciation for the increased relevance of the U.S.-Japan alliance to address the challenges of the 21st century.

General Powell was also a hero to many in uniform in all-generations of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. His book, My American Journey, was translated in Japanese and inspired soldiers from SDF cadets to senior officers.

We will remember General Powell as a true soldier-statesman, an inspiring leader, and a genuinely decent man.

General IWASAKI Shigeru
MSF Japan Co-Chair
4th Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff

General Joseph F. Dunford
MSF U.S. Co-Chair
19th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff