Chairman Funabashi publishes Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

On March 2, 2021, Asia Pacific Initiative chairman FUNABASHI Yoichi published Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis with Brookings Institution Press.

Providing an unrivaled chronological account of the human struggle to contain man-made technology that was overwhelmed by nature, this book aims to give insights into why Japan’s decision-making process within the first two weeks failed almost as dramatically as had the Fukushima nuclear reactors, which went into meltdown following a major tsunami.

Based on interviews with more than 300 government officials, power plant operators, and military personnel during the years since the disaster, Meltdown is a meticulous recounting and analysis of the human stories behind the response to the Fukushima disaster. It attempts to draw lessons on leadership, governance, disaster resilience, and crisis management―lessons that have universal application and pertinence for an increasingly technology-driven and interconnected global society.

Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis
Author: FUNABASHI Yoichi
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
First Published: March 2, 2021
Price: $39.99
ISBN-10: 0815732597
ISBN-13: 978-0815732594



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