AP Initiative Chairman participated in Eurasia Group Geopolitical Summit Japan 2017

AP Initiative Chairman Yoichi Funabashi participated in the Eurasia Group Geopolitical Summit Japan 2017 as a guest speaker, on October 26, 2017. 

The other speakers include Dr. Ian Bremmer (President and Founder of Eurasia Group), Dr. Enrico Letta (Former Prime Minister of Italy), Mr. Ichiro Fujisaki (Former Ambassador of Japan to the United States, Distinguished Professor and Chairman of Institute of International Relations of Sophia University), and Mr. Nobuo Tanaka (Chairman of The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency: IEA).

Through the following six sessions: “Is China Emerging As a Global Leader?” “When Technology And Geopolitics Collide,” ”Gamechangers: The Geopolitics Of Energy,” “Can The New Normal In The United States Last?” “Conflict And Ambition: The Future Of The Middle East,” and “Waiting For Good News In Europe,” speakers discussed issues such as the coming of G-Zero world, increasing global geopolitical risk, and its impact on business.

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