AP Initiative Chairman’s text, “North Korea crisis and Japan’s geopolitical challenge,” in the November issue of the Ushio magazine

AP Initiative Chairman Yoichi Funabashi wrote “North Korea crisis and Japan’s geopolitical challenge” for the November issue of the Ushio magazine. It is introduced as an opening article of a special feature entitled ‘In the world being divided.’

In the article, Dr. Funabashi addresses ‘geopolitics’ and ‘geo-economics’ as the keywords with which to understand the changing global power balance over North Korea, which is accelerating its nuclear and missile development. From these points of view, against the rise of China, who has established the concept of ‘One Belt One Road Initiative,’ he suggested that Japan should take initiative to maintain and strengthen the liberal international order in cooperation with other countries. He also proposes which direction and attitude Japan should take to face this biggest geopolitical challenge in the modern era and later.