Senior Research Fellow Kato appeared as a panelist at a symposium with Sheila A. Smith

On Saturday, April 7, AP Initiative Senior Research Fellow Yoichi Kato appeared as a panelist at “A Talk with Sheila Smith – The Past, Present and Future of US-China-Japan Trilateral Relations.”

Dr. Sheila A. Smith is Senior Fellow for Japan Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. The symposium, which took place at the International House of Japan, was held to commemorate the publication of the Japanese translation of Dr. Smith’s book, Intimate Rivals: Japanese Domestic Politics and a Rising China (Columbia University Press, Feb 2015. Japanese translation: Tokyo University Press, Mar 2018).

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Fumiaki Kubo, Professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, and also involved Dr. Ryosei Kokubun, President of the National Defense Academy of Japan, and Dr. Taketo Fushimi, Associate Professor at Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Law.