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Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation USA

It was established as the U.S. Corporation of the Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation (RJIF).

RJIF is a think tank founded in September 2011, half a year after the Great East Japan Earthquake which brought about a catastrophic crisis in Japan.
We had developed several kinds of research programs about pressing issues facing Japan, under the conception of “rebuilding Japan,” starting with the Fukushima nuclear accident investigation. On the occasion of the fifth year since establishment, Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation USA, Inc. (RJIF-USA) was set up in the U.S., an international intellectual network hub.

Furthermore, Asia Pacific Initiative (AP Initiative) was founded in July 2017, as RJIF is stepping from its first “rebuilding Japan phase” to its second stage, which widens the focus to the Asia Pacific region.

From here on, RJIF-USA and AP Initiative will do research and advocacy activities, hand in hand, to become an intellectual incubator which helps to construct a peaceful liberal international order in the Asia Pacific region.

Outline of the Organization

Organization Name Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation USA, Inc.(RJIF-USA)
State of Establishment Delaware, USA.
Date of Establishment July 22, 2016


Yoshiaki Fujimori
Executive Advisor, LIXIL Group Corporation

Setsuo Takekawa
Chairman, Asia Pacific Initiative

Yoichi Funabashi
Chairman, Asia Pacific Initiative


Yoshinori Ohnoki
Executive Director, Asia Pacific Initiative

Koichi Isobe
Senior Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative
Lieutenant General (Ret.)
Senior Fellow, the Harvard Asia Center

Kay Kitazawa
Senior Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative

Yoichi Kato
Senior Research Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative

Joi Ito
Senior Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative
Director of the MIT Media Lab

Donation Request

RJIF-USA operates using the donations from those kind enough to make contributions.
For those who wish to support, please contact via the email address below.

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