IOG’s Director Suzuki featured on IISS webinar on Economic security

The Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG) is pleased to announce that IOG’s Director SUZUKI Kazuto will participate in the webinar “Economic security: Japan and the West’s sanctions coordination against Russia” on September 13, 2022. This webinar will be moderated by TOGASHI Mariko, Asia Pacific Initiative’s Matsumoto-Samata Fellow (IISS Research Fellow for Japanese Security and Defence Policy).

Japan and the West have leveraged their combined geo-economic power to exert pressure on the Kremlin and the Russian economy. Russia’s weaponisation of its key role in certain commodities markets in retaliation has, however, severely aggravated rises in global prices for energy, food and other commodities. The webinar will discuss the impact of Japan and the West’s sanctions on Russia and consider how these lessons might apply in a Taiwan contingency scenario.

To view this seminar, please register at: The recorded video will be published on the IISS’s website within 24 hours.

Date: Tuesday September 13, 2022 (1300-1400 local time, 2100-2200 Japan Standard Time).

Dr Suzuki Kazuto, Director, Institute of Geoeconomics (IOG)
Dr Maria Shagina, Diamond-Brown Research Fellow for Economic Sanctions, Standards and Strategy, IISS
Brian O’Toole, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council, and Senior Vice President and Director of Sanctions and Screening, Truist Financial Corporation

Togashi Mariko, Research Fellow for Japanese Security and Defence Policy, IISS (Matsumoto-Samata Fellow)

Robert Ward, Japan Chair and Director of Geo-economics, Geopolitics and Strategy, IISS

Please click here for more information about the webinar on the IISS website.