Inaugural Symposium of Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform (PEP)

Asia Pacific Initiative (API) organized a symposium called “Zooming PEP 2020 – Policy Entrepreneurs’ Platform: opening the door” in Tokyo on 15th July 2020. It was held to commemorate the launch of API’s new initiative: The Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform (PEP).

The day began by a core panel discussing the concept of policy entrepreneurship and then sessions considering issues arising from the emergence of the pandemic and the impact and possible changes to Japanese society post-pandemic. Politicians, bureaucrats and representatives from the private sector, academia and NPOs/NGOs participated in the discussions which were summarized by API Chairman Funabashi in closing the proceedings. The symposium was broadcast on YouTube and was watched by about 800 viewers.

Information about the sessions are available via this link and the YouTube video of the whole symposium is available via this link.

◾️Information about Panelists & Sessions

◾️Policy Entrepreneur’s Platform Website

◾️Youtube Videos

〈 Core Members of PEP 〉 (in Alphabetical Order)

ASAHINA Ichiro, CEO, Aoyama Shachu Corp
FUJISAWA Retz, Chair of the Board,General Incorporated Association RCF
KIGAWA Makoto, Special Advisor, Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.
KOBAYASHI Lin, Co-Founder & Chair of the Board, UWC ISAK Japan
KOMAZAKI Hiroki, Chair of the Board, NPO Corp Florence
KUWABARA Tasuku, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Tokyo
MATSUO Yutaka, Professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering
SUGA Chizuru, Head of the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan

〈 Outline of Inaugural PEP 〉

Date July 15th 2020 (Wed)
Venue AKASAKA INTERCITY AIR (delivered by YouTube Live)
Acknowledgement Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.; MATSUMOTO Oki, CEO, MONEX GROUP
Speakers (in Alphabetical Order) FUKUTAKE Hideaki, Outside Director, Benesse Holdings
HAYASHI Kaori, Professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
IMAMURA Kumi, Chair of the Board, NPO Corp Katariba
JIBU Renge, Journalist
KAWABE Kentaro, CEO, Yahoo Japan Corporation & Z Holdings Corporation
KUDO Fumiko, Visiting Researcher at the University of Tokyo, the Institute for the Future Initiatives
MAKISHIMA Karen, Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party
MIYATA Hiroaki, Professor at Keio University, School of Medicine
SEKI Haruyuki, CEO, General Incorporated Association Code for Japan
SENSHO Yasuhiro, CEO, Sensho-Gumi Co.,Ltd.
TAKENAKA Harukata, Professor at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
TAKEUCHI Sumiko, General Manager & Chief Researcher at the International Environment and Economy Institute
UMADA Takaaki, Director of FoundX & Hongo Tech Garage, the University of Tokyo
WAKABAYASHI Kei, Director of blkswn publishers
WATANABE Yumiko, Chair of the Board, NPO Corp KIDSDOOR
YAMAMOTO Kanae, Member of the House of Councilors, Komeito
YAMAWAKI Takeshi, Chief Researcher at SmartNews Media Research Institute

State of session