NewsPicks column: Shinjiro Koizumi and Lawson’s Genichi Tamatsuka urge preparation for the “50 million shock”

A NewsPicks column (five instalments in total) was published on the seminar that was held at Academyhills on 5 October 2015 as part of the Private Ad Hoc Commission on Population Issue project, entitled, “Discussion by Shinjiro Koizumi and Lawson’s Genichi Tamatsuka: The 50 Million Shock: The Population Decline’s Impacts on Society and Business.”

The articles are written clearly in a conversation format regarding the discussion that took place at the seminar, including supports for the first child as part of the government’s measures to counter the falling birth rate, as well as the need for business reforms and IT use.

1st instalment: Why I am committed to providing supports from the first child
2nd instalment: Why Lawson strives to be a healthy convenience store
3rd instalment: What is wrong with the Abe administration’s supports for the third child
4th instalment: Politicians cannot be tasked with reviewing work-life balance
5th instalment: How to reach an agreement to shift funding from the elderly to young people