Institute of Geoeconomics (Cyber)

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API Symposium on Geoeconomics

API Symposium on Geoeconomics “Challenges in Cyber and Technology”

MURAI Jun, Dean, API Institute of Geo-economic Studies and API Senior Fellow; Distinguished
Professor, Keio University; Co-Director, Keio University Cyber Civilization Research Center, Special Advisor to the Cabinet on Digital Policy

NAGASHIMA Akihisa, Member, House of Representatives
MATSUBARA Mihoko, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, NTT Corporation, Tokyo

In the latter half of the second part, we discuss how the field of geoeconomic challenges is a power game in which the leading U.S. and Chinese companies, so called GAFA and BATH, are competing with each other. We will discuss what role Japan can play and how it can take responsibility in cyberspace to contribute to its security, including how it can lead the charge in distribution of secure data. In addition, we ask what is required of Japan for the development of a free and open cyber space, and how industry, government and academia should work towards this goal.

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