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UMADA Takaaki joins API as Senior Visiting Fellow

API Symposium on Geoeconomics – Video and Speech Script are now available

[Recruitment] Research Assistant (Native English Speaker) to Chairman Funabashi

TOGASHI Mariko selected as 2nd API Matsumoto-Samata Fellow to be dispatched to UK’s IISS

API Symposium on Geoeconomics

Chairman Funabashi featured in the Global Technology Governance Summit (GTGS)

API Senior Research Fellow OYA Shin featured in Atlantic Council webinar on “Enhancing US-Japan Cooperation on Global Supply Chains”

API co-hosted online event “The Fukushima Disaster 10 Years On: Lessons to Never Forget” joined by Dr. Funabashi, Professor Suzuki and Mr. Shiozaki

Chairman Funabashi publishes Meltdown: Inside the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

What has Japan’s Governance Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and the COVID-19 pandemic?

The 10-Year Investigation Commission on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident publishes final report on lessons learned since the disaster

UMADA Takaaki published Implementing the Future

English version of “The Independent Investigation Commission on the Japanese Government’s Response to COVID-19: Report on Best Practices and Lessons Learned” now available on API’s website

Prof. SUZUKI Kazuto joins API as Senior Consulting Fellow

Prof. JIMBO Ken joins API as MSF Executive Director

API Privacy Policy Update

API Senior Consulting Fellow OYA Shin featured in IFRI video conference on “Rethinking Economic Security in the (Post) COVID-19 World”

MURAI Jun, Dean of API Institute of Geoeconomic Studies, Awarded C&C Prize

API Fellow SAGARA Yoshiyuki presented at The 21st Century Public Policy Institute, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)

Chairman Funabashi featured in Johns Hopkins & T-20 virtual conference on “East Asia and the Post-COVID World”

Research Director Hosoya presented at online event hosted by Japanese-German Center Berlin

API Senior Consulting Fellow OYA featured in Technology Alliance Project webinar

API and Brookings Institution co-hosted webinar “Liberal order undone? Japan’s leadership role after Prime Minister Abe”

Dean MURAI Jun appointed Special Advisor to the Cabinet

API Senior Consulting Fellow OYA discussed how to strengthen the global supply chains in the post-corona period

Prof. HOSOYA Yuichi appointed Managing Director and Research Director

API announces partnership with CNAS and MERICS on Technology Alliance Project

API establishes “API Institute of Geoeconomic Studies”; Prof MURAI Jun joins API as Dean of the API Institute of Geoeconomic Studies and API Senior Fellow

Prof. HOSOYA Yuichi joins API as Senior Consulting Fellow

Chairman Funabashi publishes What Is Geoeconomics?

“The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism: Japan and the World Order” was published by Brookings Institution Press

Yuka Koshino selected as API’s Matsumoto-Samata Fellow and dispatched to UK’s IISS

Satoshi Nakagawa joins API as Executive Director

Dr Makio Miyagawa joins API as APIF President and API Senior Fellow

AP Initiative Chairman delivers 2019 Alastair Buchan Lecture at IISS Annual Dinner

AP Initiative Chairman contributes op-ed for FT on Japan-South Korea relations

The front-line of Operation Tomodachi will be published soon

Reinventing Japan Event – Sustainable Tourism in Japan: Beyond Numbers

API round-table welcomed former PBOC Governor Dr. Zhou Xiaochuan as keynote speaker

“What is a Think Tank? : An Era of Policy Entrepreneurship” was published by Chuokoron-shinsha

Japanese Report on U.S.-Japan Economic Cooperation

Senior Consulting Fellow Oya participated in a Brookings Institution event on Asia’s connectivity

AP Initiative Chairman’s op-ed on think tanks published in Project Syndicate

Interview with Chairman Funabashi published in Korean newspaper

Announcing a New Partnership with Tokyo Review

Interview with Chairman Yoichi Funabashi published in the Chosun Ilbo

Senior Consulting Fellow Oya participated in a CSIS event on Strengthening U.S.-Japan Economic Cooperation

Asia Pacific Initiative Launch a New Report on U.S.-Japan Economic Cooperation

AP Initiative Chairman wrote an op-ed about China for The Washington Post

AP Initiative Chairman participated in the Kan’ichi Asakawa Memorial Symposium

AP Initiative Chairman participated in the G1 Global Conference and the 2018 GZERO Summit

Japan to Take Lead in Fourth Industrial Revolution, Opens Emerging Technology Policy Centre in Tokyo

JASTJ interviewed Chairman Yoichi Funabashi about the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

AP Initiative Chairman’s op-ed published in The New York Times

AP Initiative’s book, Japan’s Population Implosion: The 50 Million Shock, was highly appraised in a book review by Tokyo Review

Chairman Funabashi’s Speech on “Geopolitics, Populism, and the Media”

Senior Research Fellow Kato joined a tabletop exercise (TTX) to credible North Korean provocations

AP Initiative Chairman Funabashi’s “The North Korea Problem” appeared in the June edition of Ushio.

Senior Research Fellow Kato appeared as a panelist at a symposium with Sheila A. Smith

The Chinese version of AP Initiative Chairman Funabashi’s book, “Managing the Dollar,” was published in China

“Reinventing Japan: New Directions in Global Leadership,” the English version of “Galapagos Cool,” was published by Praeger

AP Initiative Senior Research Fellow Kato appeared as a panelist at a conference of NCAFP in NY

AP Initiative Chairman’s op-ed published in The Washington Post

AP Initiative Chairman appeared as a moderator at a commemorative symposium for publishing Dr. Graham T. Allison’s book

AP Initiative Chairman spoke at a session of the World Economic Forum 2018

AP Initiative Research Associate Harry Dempsey’s op-ed published in East Asia Forum

【Press Release】Establishment of “World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan: C4IR (Japan)”

(Japanese) 船橋洋一理事長の半藤一利氏との対談が第79回文藝春秋読者賞を受賞

English translation of “Japan’s Population Implosion -The 50 Million Shock” has been published by Palgrave Macmillan

AP Initiative Senior Fellow Masayuki Hironaka’s interview on Kyodo News website