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About API Geo-economic Briefing

The trade war between China and the United States ushered in an era of “geo-economics” in which states have used economic tools to achieve their geopolitical agendas. Amid the fog of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, how will the four forms of “mega geo-economics,” which include climate change, technology and innovation, global supply chains, and the rules, norms and standards that shape the international order, impact the future?

API Geo-economic Briefing will provide unique insight from the experts at Asia Pacific Initiative (API), an independent global think tank, in order to identify burgeoning trends in international politics and economics in the post-coronavirus period, think through their geopolitical and geo-economic significance, and examine their impact on Japan’s national interests and strategy (Editor-in-chief: Dr. HOSOYA Yuichi, Senior Consulting Fellow, API & Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University).

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