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AP Initiative Chairman participated in the Kan’ichi Asakawa Memorial Symposium

Dr. Yoichi Funabashi, Chairman of the AP Initiative, participated in the Kan’ichi Asakawa Memorial Symposium on the 20th October, held by the International House of Japan. Dr. Kan’ichi Asakawa (1873–1948) was the first Japanese professor at Yale University and dedicated his life to research in history and the promotion of peace. In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of his death, this symposium reviewed his achievements and envision the future of Japan and the world in an era of rapid change and uncertainty. Dr. Funabashi discussed with Mr. Koichiro Gemba (former Foreign Minister), Mr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa (emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo), Mr. Akihiko Tanaka (the President of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) in the session of “Why we talk about Kan’ichi Asakawa now”.
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